Preparing AWS for CFCR

This topic describes how to prepare Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Cloud Foundry Container Runtime (CFCR).


You must have the following to install CFCR on AWS:

  1. An existing AWS account
  2. An access key ID and secret access key for an IAM user with the AdministratorAccess policy
  3. A VPC in the zone where you want to deploy CFCR, with a CIDR range that has at least an /22 netmask


    Do not create this VPC by clicking Start VPC Wizard.

  4. DNS hostnames enabled for the VPC


    To enable DNS hostnames for a VPC, select the VPC in the VPC Dashboard of the AWS Console and click Actions > Edit DNS Hostnames.

Step 1: Deploy BOSH for CFCR on AWS

Pave your infrastructure and deploy the BOSH Director for CFCR by following the procedures in the Deploying BOSH for CFCR on AWS topic.

Step 2: Configure Routing

Configure your load balancers for CFCR by following the procedures in the Configuring IaaS Routing for AWS topic.

If you want to use Cloud Foundry for routing instead of IaaS load balancers, see the Configuring Cloud Foundry Routing topic.

Step 3: Deploy CFCR

After deploying BOSH for CFCR and configuring your load balancers, continue to the Deploying CFCR topic to finish the CFCR installation.