This is the documentation for Cloud Foundry Container Runtime (CFCR), an open-source project that provides a solution for deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters using BOSH.

CFCR uses BOSH to improve the Kubernetes experience for both operators and developers. By leveraging BOSH, CFCR adds capabilities such as high availability, scaling, and self-healing to Kubernetes clusters.

CFCR was formerly known as Kubo, and many CFCR assets still use the Kubo name. CFCR does not require Cloud Foundry, but you can optionally configure a Cloud Foundry deployment to handle routing for CFCR.

See What is CFCR? to learn more.

Installing and Configuring

To deploy CFCR, you must first deploy and configure BOSH. You can deploy BOSH using the BOSH Bootloader (bbl) command-line utility. After configuring BOSH, you can deploy the CFCR BOSH release.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Deploy BOSH using bbl. See the BOSH Bootloader repository for instructions.
  2. Deploy the CFCR BOSH release. See the CFCR repository for instructions.


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